Enjoy complimentary islandwide delivery with every 50$ spent

Enjoy complimentary islandwide delivery with every 50$ spent



  • The best cooked meals contain the practiced knowledge of making them. A considered sizzle and chilli procured from Guntur hold the all the difference between great and good.

  • The space between ‘great’ and ‘good’ is a niche little spot called mindfulness. Doing things the right way, in knowledge gleaned from the old hands, doing them patiently in recipes carried down to every teaspoon, is a dance in patience and being present. There are after all, ways to hold knives, peel kilos of shallots (hot water first, if anyone wants to know), watch froth collect, gather patience to ferment, fry lightly, fry deep, twirl ladles and mince garlic.

  • And in knowing the intricacies of these ways, understanding the minutiae of detail and simmering everything in patience until it tastes just like ‘that murukku from Kanchipuram’…lies the measure of finesse, that hallowed space that sidles over from good to become great.

  • Each delicacy, each sweet, every savoury and brew we offer is a deep dive into all the fine points of creating a perfect bite from long ago.