Enjoy complimentary islandwide delivery with every 50$ spent

Enjoy complimentary islandwide delivery with every 50$ spent



  • Long after they’ve left, those who loved us tend to live on in old photographs, passed on smiles, heirloom Kanjeevarams, names on park benches and cross-stitched cushion covers from 1973. But it takes just a whiff of a dish they used to cook for you, to bring them home to you.

  • Because people who cook with love exist forever in the details of their recipes. They live on in the peripheries of their exacting proportions, their secret seasonings, their choice of  onions, their simmer, their sauté, their gentle stirring, their aggressive chilies, the songs they sang when they cooked,

  • The masalas they pounded to the rhythm of conversation, the ingredients they chose after a specific ritual of smell/touch/press/eyes rolled at the grocer/half-hearted haggling and inside jokes, the knives they diced with, the sunlight that poured into their kitchens, the affection they lavished, the annoyance they held back…as they cooked a beloved dish that’s inseparable from them.

  • Each delicacy, each savoury and every brew we offer is an ode to the gestures, oddities, affectations, recollections of those who cooked for us with love.