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Enjoy complimentary islandwide delivery with every 50$ spent

Madras Special Mixture

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Our mixture is the very essence of madras; hot, teeming, round, spindly and full of character. It’s T.Nagar on a balmy evening and Adayar on a festival night. Every batch contains the secrets, the spices and the gossip of long-ago kitchens in a wholesome, authentic tea time snack.

Suggested Serving Style

Pairs well with coffee, tea, a crisp G&T or a dry Martini. The crunchy, evocative texture of the mixture also complements a homemade meal of ponni rice served with pearl onion sambaar.


Chickpea flour, beaten rice flakes, cashew nuts, peanuts, roasted gram, salt, sugar, chilli powder, curry leaves, asafoetida, baking soda, turmeric, and vegetable oil.

Allergen Advice: Made in a facility that also processes peanuts and other nut products.

More Information

Nett Weight - 8.46 Oz (240 Grams)

For optimal freshness, ensure the bag is securely sealed after opening. We encourage you to reuse and recycle this bag responsibly.

Our Madras Special Mixture is gluten free and vegetarian friendly. It contains zero trans fats and has no preservatives. 

  • Such a nostalgic treat. Love the curry leaves added to the mix. The spice levels were just right for me and my family.


  • My parents normally bring me bags of mixture and snacks from India. But this is better and fresher than them!


  • This stuff should be served at bars all across Singapore. Nutty and crunchy - such a unique snack. Glad we discovered Kalkandu.


  • What an amazing snack! My dad and his buddies love to open up a packet of the mixture while playing Mahjong or while enjoying a drink!


  • This mixture is like a party in your mouth! So many delicious flavors and textures going on. Love the cashews and the slight sweetness.