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Enjoy complimentary islandwide delivery with every 50$ spent

Traditional Tea Decoction

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A cup of tea is a picture of conversation, warmth, and belonging, a ritual that invites you to come together. Our delicate brew recalls a familiar flavour that braces you and lets you gently slip into the routine of everyday. Our ready to use brewed tea decoction is made using the finest hand picked tea leaves from estates across Assam.

Brewing Instructions

Shake well, then pour 20 ml of the decoction into a cup. Add 100 ml mixture of milk and water (70 ml milk and 30 ml water) along with a teaspoon of sugar. Mix well by pouring the mixture back and forth. Serve and enjoy.


Black Tea and Water.

More information

Nett Weight - 7.05 Oz (200 ML)

Shake well before every use. Once opened, refrigerate and consume within 10 days.

This decoction contains no preservatives or added sugars. 

  • I've managed to impress my mother-in-law! And that's no easy feat. This tea decoction is revolutionary stuff. Just added it to some boiled milk. Perfect chai every single time!


  • Made myself a cup of Teh-C using this decoction and I loved it. I now have my own 24x7 Kopitiam right at home.


  • Broke protocol and tried it with oat milk and ice. Ended up with the most indulgent iced chai latte! I'll be stocking up on these!


  • Not for the faint of heart, but I've been sneaking this into my cocktails. Made a brilliant Haram Teh-C by adding a shot of this with some dark rum, baileys and milk.