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Enjoy complimentary islandwide delivery with every 50$ spent

Masala Tea Decoction

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A ready to use tea concentrate that allows you to make the perfect cup of masala chai in seconds! Our blend, a South-Indian heirloom recipe, evokes fond memories. Crafted with the finest Malabar Coast spices, each sip is a comforting embrace, reminding you of home, wherever you may be.

Brewing Instructions

1. Shake well, then pour 20 ml of the decoction into a cup. 

2. Add 100 ml mixture of milk and water (70 ml of milk and 30 ml water) along with a teaspoon of sugar. 

3. Mix well by pouring the mixture back and forth. Serve and enjoy.


Black Tea, Ginger, Pepper, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Cloves and Water.

More information

Nett Weight - 7.05 Oz (200 ML)

Shake well before every use. Once opened, refrigerate and consume within 10 days.

This decoction contains no preservatives or added sugars.

  • Finally, a masala chai that tastes like home! This decoction reminds me of the cutting chai we'd drink during our college days - strong, flavorful, and with the perfect hint of spice. I'll be stockpiling these!


  • Forget the disappointing chai lattes you've had in Singapore! This concoction offers a truly authentic Indian chai experience. The spicy, bold flavor is unlike anything I've tasted before. Absolutely delicious.


  • What an absolute GAMECHANGER! How do you guys even think of stuff like this? I can now enjoy a cup of desi-chai without any of the hassle every morning. Love it!


  • The live demonstration you gave me during the boutique fair felt a bit too good to be true. But yep - this is legit. Stunned at how easy it was to make. 10/10 would recommend.


  • Looking for a healthier chai option? This decoction is a winner! Made with all-natural ingredients and no added sugar, it satisfies my chai cravings without an ounce of guilt.


  • Shake, pour, hot milk, and voila - instant chai magic! This 'local-style' masala tea is superb, even giving my wife's a run for its money! Now I have no choice but to keep this stuff stocked at home.